Project Sereen


two iPhones on top of each other with the web browser open viewing the Sereen website
a iMac and macbook mockup both displaying a different page of the Sereen health website

Healthcare Website





The Brief

The Sereen health radar is a home device that uses radar technology to track and monitor the vital signs of individuals in a household. It can be placed in the bedroom or living room and works at a distance, detecting vitals through clothing without the need for physical contact or wearables. The device includes a sensor that tracks heart rate, breathing, movement, and sleep, and an accompanying app that provides a constant stream of health information to caregivers and allows dependents to track their own vitals. If the device detects an unusual health condition or a fall, it will send an alert through the app and, if necessary, automatically contact the Care Team, a group of phone operators who can contact emergency services in the case of an urgent emergency. The Sereen health radar is a privacy-conscious, contactless alternative to assisted living.

My Role

To build a custom website for the Sereen health radar using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using the design created in Figma by Rich, I brought the website to life with custom animations using GreenSock (GSAP.js). To ensure the production version of the website was optimized, I used webpack to compile and build it. The website also includes a custom-built form using Formspree to handle form submissions, allowing users to easily submit their information and contact the company. Overall, my work resulted in a professional and functional website that effectively promotes the Sereen health radar and its features.