Project Outside


mockup of a iMac desktop viewing the Outside tech website
an iPhone and iPad demonstrating the responsive design of Outside Tech's website

Agency Website




The Brief

Outside is a design and technology studio based in Kathmandu, Nepal that works with purpose-driven companies and organizations to provide strategy, design, and technology solutions. The company also re-invests its profits into local community initiatives. Key projects include the design and development of the Gen E environmental fintech app, site design for the closed-loop fashion brand For Days, brand and site creation for the low-impact apparel brand Nui Organics. In addition to these projects, Outside also offers a range of capabilities in web, brand, app, product, print, and social media for launching and growing brands and products.

My Role

I worked with Outside's lead designer, Rich, to develop a custom static website that uses custom animations to engage and interact with the end user. To optimize page load time, I integrated a loading screen, deferred auto playing videos on mobile devices and used webpack to compile the site. The resulting production build is a fast, clean, and responsive website.