Project Ivericos


imac and macbook both displaying the Ivericos website in the browser
two iphones displaying the Ivericos website

Product Website



The Brief

In this project for Ivericos, a trailblazing plant-based Spanish food company, the essence of Spain's rich culinary heritage is brought to life through a modern, interactive web experience. The site is a vibrant showcase of the company's unique plant-based takes on traditional Morcilla and Sobrasada, offering a visual and sensory feast with its bold design and bright color palette of red, yellow, and green. Equipped with a blog section, the website becomes a culinary hub, offering an array of recipes and inspiring visitors to explore the versatility of Ivericos' products. The use of Next.js as the development framework ensures the site's performance is as impressive as its design, delivering a fast, seamless user experience. The bilingual capabilities of the site, smoothly transitioning between Spanish and English, reflect the global appeal and accessibility of Ivericos' brand.

My Role

My role in this venture was multifaceted, encompassing the development and successful launch of the Ivericos website. Starting with a detailed Figma design provided by Rich, I embarked on the task of building the website from scratch, leveraging the capabilities of Next.js to bring the design to life. This process involved not just technical proficiency but also a deep understanding of the brand's ethos and aesthetic vision. Working in close collaboration with Moni, the company owner, was a pivotal aspect of the project, ensuring that every facet of the website resonated with Ivericos' mission and values. My involvement extended beyond mere development; it was about creating a digital platform that truly encapsulates the spirit of Ivericos - innovative, vibrant, and deeply rooted in Spanish culinary traditions.