Project Coolors - Clone

Coolors - Clone

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Coolors - Clone
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The Brief

Whenever I decide to learn a new technology I always find it easier to clone a real world application and for this learning project I went with the amazing web app Coolors. The two main technologies I picked for this project was Next.js v13 (with the new app directory) and Supabase for the database and authentication. With the combination of Supabase and the features from Nextjs, I was able to build about 80% of this project with server side components, utilizing the new routing system, data fetching and even parts of the user authentication are server side.

I have learned a ton about Nextjs and Supabase from this project and I plan to continue this clone project and build out more aspects, like integrating Stripe for the subscription modal and more of the user dashboard.

So if you have ever been on, then click the link below and check out my cloned version, you can be the judge and decide how well I did.